Is Commitment Stronger Than Chemistry?

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First time author Cherie Santiago, takes you on an emotional and erotic roller coaster ride. Telling the story of how morals are tested when threatened by unexplainable tempation. Just when you think you have the story figured out, you are faced with an unsuspected turn. Anything and everything goes and men and women alike will relate to the choices and decisions our main characters are forced to make. 

Tonni Sanchez, seemingly has the ideal life. As VP of Blackshear Technologies, she holds the number two position of the company. Originally from Chicago she moved to Atlanta with her teenage daughter to start anew, leaving her troubled past behind her. 

Dezmond Jefferies is a family man in every sense of the word. With a twenty year marriage and two awesome children, he has it all. All but the professional title of VP, which he can only achieve by working with Tonni. 

From the moment her perfume awakened his senses his curiosity was peaked and he wanted to know more about her.  Tonni exudes sexiness and brings out an animalistic trait in Dez that had been dormant for years. Dez is everything in a man Tonni ever wanted, everything but single. 


Knowing what’s right both struggle with their want for the other. Find out if chemistry is stronger than commitment.


The Scent

The author keeps you engaged with twists and turns throughout the story line, engaging your senses.

T. Terrell, Atlanta, GA


A intelligent visual erotica ride. 

R. Thomas, Memphis, TN


Can't wait for the second book.

K. Darbonne, Nyack, NY