Cherie Santiago is originally from New York, and in 2011 went in search for a better quality of life. Tired of the hustle and bustle and big city life, Cherie decided to relocate to Atlanta. GA, The best decision she ever made. The mother of two grown children in their early twenties Cherie now has the time to do what she loves the most, which is to write and create.


As the only child for several years before her brother came along, Cherie had to find creative ways to keep entertained.  She spent hours lost in the imaginary worlds she created. It started by playing with paper dolls, but not the cutout types you could purchase. No she designed her own variety of dolls, even down to the wardrobes. Eventually she ventured out into building her own paper doll house using books as walls to create rooms.


Once the teen years kicked in, playing with dolls naturally became “un-cool”, but not her desire to create. Back in the eighties Soap Operas were the hottest things on television. This was before cable, and way before Netflix.  Shows like “All My Children” and “Dynasty” captivated Cherie, and she loved discussing the unrealistic yet juicy plots during lunch with her friends.  There was just one problem, she couldn’t really relate to the stories.  No one she knew went to the supermarket wearing furs and diamonds.


Then as if the writing Gods heard her, she was given a creative writing project her senior year in high school. Using that opportunity, she wrote a story about a teenager not unlike herself, who went through the trials and tribulations of parents going through a divorce. It was then she discovered her ability to write relatable stories, and Cherie the writer was born. Cherie took her new found talent and created her very own soap opera based on teen life, and she couldn't get issues out fast enough, it was just that popular.









Today Cherie writes stories on a much more adult scale, holding true to her relatable writing style. You will find that her writing takes you on a visual journey, where you can actually place yourself in the scene. Whenever she sits down to write, Cherie’s main focus is to ensure the characters and their stories makes sense in the real world. Although The Scent will be her first published project, there are several hot and steamy short stories to her credit. Stories she has plans on using towards future books.