Time to let baby bird fly

I've finally come to the conclusion that I have to let my 20yr old son take care of things on his own now. This scares me as well as excites me so in other words I really don't know how I feel. It's clear now that with me venturing off to Georgia by the end of the year, I need to direct my focus on Me right now. This is not to say that I love my son any less, or that I'm going to stop helping him. It's just time for him to step-it-up and not lean on me so much and make things happen on his own, with me backing him as much as I can (when) I can. He is now on the search for an apartment in DC and has decided that it be best to skip next semester at Howard and work. This alone saddens me, but with tuition costs at an all time high, its been very difficult to find all the funds he needs to cover his remaining years there. Financial Aid, or what I like to call the Financial Band-Aid has changed so much since I went to school that paying for school has really become a skill that you need to learn. It really pinches my heart that this kid who wants nothing more than to succeed has run into such problems. As my Mother and every other mother on the planet has quoted "what doesn't kill us, makes us stronger". I guess this is "Adult Life 101, Intro to the real world" and I'm giving him a B+, you know grading on a curve and all that college Jazz. I'm extremely proud of Dee. I'M EXTREMELY PROUD OF MY SON! I had to state that twice because he is really doing the damn thing in DC. He has landed a pretty neat gig as an Assistant Manager at Macy's and they love him as much as he loves it. He has looked at his current situation and has established a plan that he can live with and maintain, and I'm right on board with him. He's really starting to utilize the "problem solving" gene that I gave him. " During one of my last conversations with Dee, I asked him if he knew when he would be coming down to see the house in GA. He very maturely said he didn't know because he was really focused on saving up the money he needs for the rent deposit and won't feel comfortable until his living situation was settled. I mentioned that it was too bad that he couldn't help me drive down to ATL that I could really use his help. He just said, "well Mom I guess we're both on our own huh". I just smiled to myself and nodded my head agreeing and just told him to do what he needed to do, I support you kid! His response...."I support you too Mom". That was definitely a P.M.M. (Proud Mom Moment). My son is surely growing his adult wings and is getting stronger each day. I'm starting to ease up on the Mom emotions and know that he is going to be just fine and that HE has to do this on his own. Now Momma bird has to learn to let her baby bird fly solo......


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