Team Black Friday 2011

This will be the very first year that I will attempt to go out shopping on Black Friday. I'm being extremely careful about spending for the move so what better day to save some money than Black Friday. People have always returned bragging of their victories and how they saved a gazillion dollars, so why not get in on it, but I was going to need backup. So I decided to put together a team consisting of me (Cher-spice) along with my sister (Patty-puff) and daughter (Nini-gurl) aka: THE AFRO PUFF GURLS So what is my prize purchase you ask...well our mission is to bring back two (2) 42" Sony flat screen TV's from Best Buy, for only $199. That's right folks, only $199. I located this site two weeks ago that listed PDF scans of all the sales Ad's for best deals this year. I have had my eye on this Television ever since then, and now Patty-Puff wants to get her mittens on one also, so it's on! Now before I really decided to take on this assignment I went to Best buy with Nini-gurl over the weekend to scope out the TV situation. I'm not that much into electronics, but this puppy is a beaut. I think for a moment I felt what men feel when they see a bigscreen, because when I saw it, I fell in love and my nipples got hard......just saying.

Still on the fence about hurdling over people, round housing a few old biddies and kneeing a thug or two I asked one of the friendly looking Best buy sales guys wearing the familiar Best buy blue shirt, just how crazy it's expected to be. He looked me square in my face and said "CRAZY". Me trying to be as strategic as possible without having to camp out in front of the store, I asked him historically how quickly do they sell out on B-Friday. Shaking his head while releasing a pssss sound he said, "normally by noon, we're pretty close to selling out". Damn! I whispered under my breath. I asked him for his advice on when I should arrive to beat crowd, explaining that I don't want to be the first one in, I'm just a Sista who wants to get her TV, and since they open at Midnight, would that be early enough. He went on to tell me that people begin getting on line at 6pm Thanksgiving Day (so these people are clearly not sticking aound to watch the game after dinner) and that by midnight there could be close to 2000........2000 people on line. I was now starting to break out into hives......there's just no way I could do this, back to my original plan, buy the 32" on sale right then and there and call it a day.

Mr. Sales guy in the blue shirt also suggested that I purchase the 32" while it was on sale and give B.Friday a shot and just return it for a full credit if I'm able to buy the one I want. BINGO, I could do that, this way I still get ahead. Now I was getting motivated again, it was as if he had given me my own personal Pep rally, but it gets even better. When I get to the checkout Ms. Checkout Lady, gave me a tip on how to beat the lines on B.Friday. She looked at me and whispered "let me tell you how to get over", I stepped a bit closer and she looked over her right shoulder and I looked over my left. She switched to look over left and I to my right. I was about to hear some secret squirrel type shit for sure. She leaned close to me and did a quick peep behind her and told me to find out the SKU number for the TV I want and go directly to checkout and pay for it as soon as I walk into the store. She said people make the mistake of running to the salespeople and waiting for them to retrieve a TV. But if I already paid for it, what is in inventory belongs to me first. I don't know if this happened in my head or for real, but I could have sworn I heard a chorus singing a long and loud AHHHHHHHHH and Ms. Checkout Lady was glowing like an Angel. I choose to believe it happened (don't judge me).

So I have been driving around with a brand new TV in the trunk of my car (thank goodness no one knows where I live) since Saturday in preparation. So here's the plan for Team Afro-Puff Gurls.

  • Eat Thanksgiving dinner early

  • Cher-spice & Nini-gurl are going to crash at Patty-puffs house, sleep by 8pm

  • We hit the road to Yonkers at 11pm

  • We pack coffee, fold up chairs, and dress in's cold out there

  • If the line is really ridiculous we'll take turns standing on line while the others are in the car

  • (DAMN) didn't account for parking issues. Oh well, we'll figure it out

  • Once in, Cher-spice will pay for two #3142087's while Patty-puff and Nini-gurl head to a sales person to find the TV's

  • Hoping to return in victory with no causalities.

Not a bad plan if I have to say so myself. To be on the safe side, the team is going to do a few shot thrusts, squats and hit the punching bag to build up our stamina. Wish us luck & I'll let you know how it goes.


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