Team Black Friday 2011 Pt. 2

The team consisting of only Cher-Spice and Patty-Puff, Nini-Gurl, was home babysitting the team mascot. We headed out a little after 10pm. We wanted to head out earlier, but Nae-Nae our fearless leader needed a drive home after our Thanksgiving feast. Even warriors have to put Mom first. So Cher-Spice and Patty-Puff geared up with comfy pants, flats, pony tales and no makeup as a scare tactic toward anyone going for our TV. We get in the Cher-mobile and take the familiar drive to the war zone, THE STRIP MALL on Central Avenue. But we were ambushed by Jedi mind tricks and we MISSED OUR EXIT! How could this happen? I've driven here a hundred times, time to get off and turn around. the clock was ticking, and people were gaining on our territory. So we finally exit and attempt to circle back but ended up at a dead end. Patty-Puff and I both knew it was time to bring out our secret weapon.....SALLY. We pull Sally out of the glove compartment and punched in the coordinates and that all familiar voice of safety said "Turn around whenever possible and make a right". We were back on track and refocused. Now an hour behind schedule anxiety began to kick in as we approached the war zone. As we pass by another mall we see lines forming at Kohl's and realize......this is not a game. We pull up and see the line now forming around the corner, and we needed to find parking fast. We park and strap on our gear and give a team the chant "TOP FLIGHT" and bump we were ready. Heading out to the back of the line was a journey in itself. We just kept on walking.....passing people....walking......passing......wondering where the end of the line was. Finally we found it and now we wait at the very end. While waiting more and more teams pack in and we quickly lose our spot as last in line. As they do, they look at the long line in amazement, staring as if its a Zoo safari at Great Adventures. Everyone has they're phones out taking videos which I'm sure can be found on Facebook today. Midnight struck and Best Buy opened the doors and the crowd just roared!!

Three hours later we were inside and headed toward our prize. Many teams were circling around not knowing where to look, but I had previously scoped out the layout and made a B-Line to the 32" TV I had purchased earlier this week. Patty-Puff was going to get her TV dammit. The space underneath the display was empty, but I found a few on a top shelf and stood my ground claiming one, while Patty-Puff went in search for salesman. Many tried to distract me, even a hot ass Best buy employee who almost made me lose my religion let alone the TV. But I had prepared 6 days earlier and did not budge. Patty-Puff finally returns and gestures that the close is clear and points to about 20 of the TV's stacked on the floor. I could leave my post now, the mission was over.

So we missed out on the "big deal" but I saved days earlier on the same TV which is going to look great in my new home in Atlanta. Patty-Puff came home with a brand new TV for a steal and can finally retire her Magnavox, yes Magnavox and say good bye to watching orange people forever. We were both set!

In all it was an interesting experience and everyone should try it once. I suggest that if you do, make sure your store of choice has a very organized "Door Buster" plan in place. Best Buy only allowed 50-75 people in at a time and there were plenty police present to keep things orderly.

Team Afro-Puff: Mission Complete!



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