On the road to ATL

Wow what a whirlwind these past few days have been. I actually turned around this move in 30 days. I've quite my job, packed up my house shipped it out, said my "see you laters" and now we're hitting the road to our new home in Marietta, GA. My daughter and I set out December 27th at 3am, car full, trunk and back seat. Tania, my co-pilot was in charge of Oreo our Shi Tzu who quietly sat by her. I punched in our travel coordinates so Sally (my GPS) could direct us, and we were off. Leaving that early in the morning was a smart move as I literally flew at 80-90 mph through New Jersey, Baltimore, DC and Virginia. Although we were making good time, we drove right into heavy rain. There were times when I couldn't even see in front of me. I'm extremely grateful for the rear lights of the cars in front of me, without their guidance, I'm not sure how I would have made it through Virginia. To my surprise we reached North Carolina by noon and I was still feeling pretty good. We decided to hit a rest stop to stretch our legs, potty, take Oreo for a walk, and for me to close my eyes for 30 minutes. Always keeping in mind what my friend warned me about hitting the NC wall.

We hit the road again and just like Ty mentioned North Carolina was NEVER ENDING, and our luck eventually ran out as we hit traffic in Charlotte for 2 hours. This was killing me. I thought we would be able to make it by 4pm, 5pm the latest and we just inched along for hours. My body was really starting to feel this long drive and even Oreo was getting antsy. When the traffic finally broke I hit the gas to about 80mph again in hopes of gaining some of the time lost. But it didn't really matter, North Carolina had won and we were not going to make any record time.........who was I kidding. I mean how big is the state .............. gosh!!!!! My girlfriends in Georgia were calling me checking on my eta, and after a while I just stopped answering. it was going to be a while dammit! I was losing momentum. my daughter had fallen asleep...punk, and the only station on the radio was Country. God please help me!

After what seemed like forever I saw the sign that had angels wings on it "WELCOME TO GEORGIA". Wow I couldn't believe it, I actually did it, I drove to Georgia! But wait, I was at the very tip and I needed to get to the center............another 2 damn hours. Oh yeah it's like that now. I was really feeling tired, not sleepy. because I was so hopped up on 5hr Energy, but my body was done, and I hadn't felt my left leg since the last rest stop. This had now become personal...it was time to END THIS DAMN ROAD TRIP. I just sat back, cruised at 60 mph, let Kem serenade me until.....until.....Sally woke up and said "exit right in two miles". Marietta here we come!

We reached the motel around 8:30pm, 17 hours later which is really good time (from what they say). Once at the motel, all we wanted to do was bathe, eat and go to sleep, even Oreo took a shower. The next day the three of us just stayed in bed, including Oreo. When I did finally attempt to get up and about, my left leg just refused to work. "Um............am I dragging my leg like a cripple?" My daughter looked at me asked me what was wrong. My only reply "its not working", and I took my crippled ass back to bed.

Despite it all, I'm really no EXTREMELY PROUD OF MYSELF! This was my very first road trip and I drove over 800 miles all by myself and I did it in one day, thanks to Sally, God, and those 5 hr Energies. (I should've thanked God first right?)

Everything is working out, just like my inner voice told me it would. New life WE'VE ARRIVED!

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