Miracles do happen

I must take a moment to acknowledge that miracles do happen. Today was a normal day, like any other day. I went to work and had a very productive day. I spoke to my new "friend' that put a smile on my face. My heart is still full from my surprise visit from my best friend this weekend. I leave work and decide to get my hair done and chat it up with my girl since my daughter was volunteering at school. Still and average day. After getting the wig done, I decided to ride out the easiness of today and pick up some dinner so I can just chill when I get home. Now living in Georgia I have to drive everywhere. So keep note that I drove to work, drove back, then to the hair salon and then to pick up dinner and now I was on my way home to eat and wait for Ni to call me to pick her up. Driving the entire time.... Naturally I'm home just long enough to finish eating when my daughter calls me to pick her up. I rush out without hesitation and I say out loud to my self "I gotta go and get my child". I don't know if saying that was a message I sent directly to God because the occurrences that happen next are incredible. I get into the car, put the key into the ignition and twist it a bit because it's been bent for quite some time. As I turn the key it turns extremely easy and my hands drops to my lap. THE KEY SNAPPED OFF IN THE IGNITION! I gasped and just looked at the key stuck in the hole and let out a soft "noooooooo". My heart started to race and my thoughts started to spin...."what do I do now, how do I get to work tomorrow, where do I get a new key, I've got to call my boss and tell him I wont be in tomorrow.................(wait) ...........I've got to get Tania from School NOW!" Panic is setting in and I just sit back and take a deep breath. Then I hear my friendly voice say to me "call someone to pick up Tania while you figure the rest out". I do just as told and call the friend closest to me, but she doesn't answer. I call my girl who lives a little farther and boom she answers. At this hour she's normally asleep but I knew tonight I would get through......sometimes you just know. Her son offers to pick up Ni and I can now breathe. I call my daughter to let her know what's going on and ask if there is anyone waiting with her as I'm concerned it's getting dark and her school is nearly like being in the woods. With all the child trafficking issues down here I can't and won't take any chances. When she tells me that all her friends were picked up and she was alone panic set in again big time. I knew Isaiah was on his way, but it would take about 15 minutes. I say out loud to myself again "I have to pick up my child". I try the large part of the key I still have and place it inside the ignition hard. The smaller piece that was stuck falls deeper and when I try to turn the ignition it starts after two tries. I was amazed and could only say softly "thank you God", as a tear built up in my left eye. I backed out of my spot and called my daughter to tell her that I was on my way and would be there in two minutes. Although my friend's son was on the way so was I. I was able to catch him to let him know that I got the car to start and thanked him profusely for offering to help us out without hesitation......but that's what family does. I got to Ni in less than two minutes, it's not far by car but a bit of a walk, and was so happy to see that girl. It was getting dark and there was no one around, which really annoyed me. You would think that her friend's parents would have at least waited until I got there....I would have. It's OK because I have the Almighty protector watching over us.....we're good. When I got home, I located a 24 locksmith as per my girlfriends instruction and I have a new key and the drama is over. The entire ordeal......2 hours. The cost of the key $180. Knowing Tania is safe PRICELESS!!! MIRACLES DO HAPPEN! They are not always large in size but mammoth in result. God knew I had to pick up my daughter and that was my main goal. I put it out there and so it was written. Being able to start the car with half a key, a key that allowd me to turn over the engine, but can no longer stay inside the keyhole, is a miracle. It just had to work out and I knew deep down that it would. Tonight wasn't about me, it was about protecting a child and getting her home safe. Thank you to my girl for answering my distress call and Thank to all my Guardian Angels: Mariah, Mr & Mrs Terry, and Daddy. I felt you all tonight. Thank you my Savior!

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