Date like you're gardening

So the online dating saga has left much to be desired, but SOTM is not to be discouraged. I've come too far in my journey to stop now. However it has gotten me to think that dating is just like gardening. Really think about plant seeds during spring in hopes for something beautiful to bloom. So you nourish it, pay attention to it, and wait for it to sprout. However unless you have the perfect climate, and time to really put in, nothing is going to happen. Or you do put in the work and (poof) a cold front will come through and your thoughts of pretty flowers are gone just like that. OK maybe that's a bit of a stretch, but you get the idea.

So I was vibing with the guy and we were talking several times a day for 2 weeks. We went on about 4 dates and things seemed good. Into the third week I injured my knee and have been on crutches and unable to get around. This would be the cold front I was referring, because it seemed that dude just disappeared, calls stopped abruptly, no more "good morning babe" know what I'm talking about ladies, he just fell off the face of the the earth. Now heart broken I am not, because he was only going to be one of those "seasonal" gardens if you feel me. It does however make me wonder how things like this go down and in the end, it never feels good. (When your garden doesn't bloom that is).

What happens? What went wrong? Is it me? No it's all Him!

The "fade away" or "disappearing act" whatever you want to call it is very unfair and extremely immature and inconsiderate, especially in your 40's. Yet, it's a favorite among many men who just want to move on without a conversation. I know us women are more than happy to offer a full explanation as to why we don't think a relationship is going to work...yatta, yatta, yatta. This is why men hate those 4 words "we have to talk", because (have to) is not in a man's thought process, when pertaining to dating. They will have the conversation in their heads and decide to just leave you alone in hopes that you will get the message.

Well I got the message loud and clear. I guess this is a result of the Bullshit Be Gone spray I used on my garden early on. It's kind of like Raid for BS, because once you protect your garden with it, the BS can't stick and will eventually go away. Which is the best protection for your garden ladies. Get you some STAT! Also purchase a Bullshitometer and keep it on high in order to detect bad seeds before planting. In my case I was kind of waiting for the cold front to hit, and sure enough it did. Luckily I never stopped planting seeds and to my surprise I see something sprouting up that may just bloom into something, but shh let's not jinx it. I could really use a tall, handsome, sexy.......I mean "healthy garden" this summer. Meanwhile, I always watch the other seeds in my garden because it's never wise to plant just one in the beginning.

Until next time......

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