Flying Solo

It’s truly wonderful that as human’s we can learn and grow each and every day. I’m amazed and quite proud of myself that I have finally learned how to do ME by MYSELF for ME, and really enjoy it. For the past few years I have been dabbling at going places alone, which is something I couldn’t even fathom in the past. My best friend Kay has been a true advocate of “just doing it alone”, and has been recruiting me to the cause for quite some time. Unfortunately my fears, yes fears prohibited me. I was always thinking “how would it look”, “I need someone to talk to”, “I can’t have fun by myself”. Well that’s a bag a crap.

The first time I ventured out on my own was about 3 years ago during one of my business trips to Chicago. I always loved Chi Town and considered moving there at one point. Since I traveled alone most of the time, I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to take myself to the movies. So being the Type “A” personality that I am, I scheduled time on my calendar to do just that “Go to the movies, by myself”. I picked the movie “Why Did I Get Married” since I really wanted to see it and knew it would be either then or possibly never. I chose mid-day on a Wednesday, definitely wanted to avoid Friday or Saturday date nights….I’m not crazy. I purchased my little ticket, grabbed a hotdog and chose a seat near the front that, you know sitting (where) the hell I wanted to sit for a change, having the entire row to myself, and LOVED IT! I laughed, I cried, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I left out of the theatre feeling like I had just made a minor triumph in my life, and was looking forward to doing it again.

The next time I took myself out was again in Chi Town where I saw the sequel to Tyler’s movie, yes I played it safe. But I was now on the road to flying solo. Last summer I spent three weeks in ATL discovering the Big-A all by myself. I purchased a “Fun Pass” and hit 4 of the tourist attractions down here. Then I spent each day visiting which seemed like 15 different apartment complexes, really connecting with Atlanta which is now my new home. I had a ball with me, my car rental and Sally. You remember Sally, she’s my Navi system.

So my latest triumph was treating myself to the Jill Scott/Kem concert this past Saturday at Chastain Park here in ATL. As soon as I heard they were coming to town, I knew I couldn’t miss it. I’ve missed Jill every time she’s been in New York either due to finances, or just not finding someone to go with, but not this time. I wasn’t missing two of my favorites, even if it meant going alone….and that’s just what I did. Now I did ask around to see who wanted to go with me and the tickets I wanted were a bit steep…hell downright expensive, so many of friends passed on the expense (I feel them). However I wanted….no really wanted to go and this time I had the pennies so flying solo it was.

Now not sure if you’ve ever been to Chastain Park but it’s an outdoor theater where you can bring in TV tables, a small cooler and chill out. Man I made that concert all about me. I made me some Grilled Chicken Pesto Panini’s, packed up my cooler with cheese & crackers, white wine, a citronella candle (no mosquito’s bites that night) and plenty of water since it was as hot as the inside of the Devils ass at 104 degrees. I had my barber (yes Barber) hook up the doo, put on a cute sexy but “park appropriate” maxi dress and took myself out for the night.

MAAANNN I enjoyed myself to the fullest. I set up my little table, ate my vittles and had my drinky poos and danced and sang like I was on the stage. I partied with the couple sitting next to me, and when my favs were sung, I just did my own thing and had a ball. I have to say, I was so glad I did this, it was a testimony to being able to grow and learn new things about myself at nearly 43 years old. I didn’t feel any kind of way going alone. I got there super early (not having to wait on folks) and got a prime parking spot up front. Not having to worry about driving anybody home or depending on a ride home was a bonus in itself. IT WAS ALL ABOUT ME!

So my message to you is give it a shot and take yourself out. Start small and go somewhere you know you will like. Don’t miss out on something just because you don’t have anyone to go with. Always be safe especially if you’re a woman. Choose outings that can have you home by early evening. Shout Out to all my sista's who are already doing the solo thing, I'm now part of the club.

I love “Flying Solo” now and Kay I can’t thank you enough for giving me the courage to do it. My next big challenge is to go on vacation by myself. Until then, Will you Fly Solo if you haven't done so already?

Dedicated to my Bestie: Karen Robinson (love you gurl)

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